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Pride in Preparation

The majority of our menu items, including our rice dishes, are made in our ovens. This eliminates frying and the saturated fats associated with frying. We do not and will never own a deep fryer. Even our juicy and delicious fried chicken is oven fried. We never buy or use iceberg lettuce in anything. Not in our salads nor on our sandwiches. There’s no nutritional value in it.  We only use green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, and mixed organic greens. From our table breads to our sandwich breads, they are all freshly made. Our desserts are also freshly baked.


We have an extensive, from scratch, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free menu with new options always being created. Each menu item is made fresh daily, using real and fresh vegetables versus frozen and thawed options. Eliminating preservatives promotes better taste and greater nutritional value. Our meals are packed by our pros, who are passionate about what your children and our children are consuming as they engage in their academic, social, and physical pursuits each day. Reward their bodies and fuel their minds.


Standout Service​
  • We use only recyclable plastic, aluminum, and paper packaging and our food serving items are reusable (glass, stainless steel, etc.).

  • We never use Styrofoam containers.

  • We purchase the majority of our fruits and fresh produce from local farmers and farmers markets.

  • Next up: We are in the process of developing our very own, homegrown herb and vegetable garden on our property!


Additional Facts to Feast on:
  • Halal Meals – All meals on our menus are available as Halal options.

  • We never prepare or offer pork or shellfish.

  • Nut Free Kitchen – We operate a fully nut free kitchen. We never prepare or offer nuts.

  • We use WowButter as a delicious peanut butter substitute.


Factoring in Care and Convenience


Covid-19 Compliant

  • We offer individually packaged meals in paper or plastic sacks as well as box lunches.

  • This provides schools with the ability to serve meals while maintaining social distancing standards.

  • These meals have proven to be great for field trips. (We’re looking forward to when they resume!)


Orders & Deliveries



  • We operate from a monthly menu that will be provided at least 1 week before the beginning of each month.

  • Once menus have been approved, we will provide the items listed each day.

Changes to Orders

  • Orders or changes can be submitted via email, phone, or text message.

  • You will receive a confirmation upon receipt.


  • Meals are delivered daily to designated locations at each site using insulated, certified hot and/or cold transportation equipment such as coolers and hot boxes.

  • Meals are brought into your site’s kitchen, cafeteria, or other designated area and placed in the appropriate hot and cold holding equipment for retrieval and distribution.

  • A delivery slip accompanies each order for delivery confirmation and daily signatures.

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