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The founders were born and raised on food made with love…and the best ingredients. Developed as a division of a successful corporate catering company, The School Gourmet is now in its fourth year and it is truly their pride and joy.


Passionate about providing our children and yours with healthy, made from scratch food, the entire food culture at The School Gourmet is based on healthy cooking and delicious cuisine. Every menu item is made from scratch daily using only the freshest ingredients. We use herbs and spices to create delicious flavors and we avoid salt base seasonings whenever possible. We provide these sensational, nutritious meals to children and staff in schools, daycare centers, recreational and afterschool programs, and more.


We now operate two state of the art facilities in the same complex which includes over 8000 square feet of production & operating space.   


Make a difference in the communities you serve. Meet “The School Gourmet” and be confident that your decision will introduce to your community healthy eating habits that will make a favorable and flavorful impact in more ways than you have imagined.


Rich in culture, character, and nutrients.

Ready to enrich your community through pure & purposeful nourishment.

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